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November 19, 2013

To:  Valued PES Customers

Ref:  Return of Alphamine and Enhanced products

     PES takes pride in delivering the highest quality products on the market today.  Because of our commitment to quality we request the return of the below listed lots of Alphamine and Enhanced.

     If customers have unused or opened containers of these products, we request that you to return them to where it was purchased. A full refund will be provided for all returned product.

     These products contain “aegeline”, an unapproved New Dietary Ingredient according to the FDA. PES has received no serious adverse events from either of these products, but out of an abundance of caution we are requesting their return.

Alphamine Lot #’s (Distributed between 09/09/2013 – 11/12/2013)

Enhanced Lot #’s (Distributed between 2/4/13 – 11/5/13)

  •   • N09474   EXP: 08/2015
  •   • N08447-B   EXP: 08/2015
  •   • N08448   EXP: 08/2015
  •   • N08447-A   EXP: 08/2015
  •   • N07398   EXP: 07/2015
  •   • N07397   EXP: 07/2015
  •   • N04238   EXP: 04/2015
  •   • N01047   EXP: 03/2015
  •   • N01046   EXP: 03/2015
  •   • M11589   EXP: 02/2015
  •   • M11588   EXP: 02/2015


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