The Difference Between High Volume & Prolific

We often get asked, what is the difference between your pre-workout products? In particular, High Volume & Prolific. Some choose to take High Volume, some Prolific, and some even use a scoop of both. Read the differences between each to decide what will work best for you.

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Lesson 11: Hydrolyzed Whey – Paying more for less?

In our first 3 lessons, you learned how to identify a quality whey protein concentrate (WPC) product, as well as what to look for (high leucine content) and what to avoid (egg protein) in protein powders. Today, we’re going to go over a very popular topic that very few people actually know the truth about.

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Lesson 10: The Amino Acid Spiking Debacle

The cost of whey protein and other protein sources has increased considerably over the past few years. As is often the case in business, many companies are now looking for shortcuts to spend less on the cost of producing protein powder while simultaneously jacking up the prices on the consumers’ end. It’s happening left and right, and you don’t even realize it’s happening. 

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