Squat Depth - How Low Should You Go?

How deep should you squat for maximum muscle growth?

When looking at muscle stimulation, some studies employ something called electromyography which involves putting electrodes on the skin and measuring muscle activation.

This can be useful acute (short term) research but when there is research looking at actual body composition changes over time, it makes sense to prioritize this.

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Does Drinking More Water Help Burn Fat?

Does drinking water help you lose weight?

Everyone knows that drinking water is important. The phrase “8 glasses of water a day” is commonly touted.

Does water have a specific role to play with regards to appetite and weight loss?

It turns out that yes, it can.

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What is "NEAT"? Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis Explained

What is ‘NEAT’?

NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This means calories burned through movement outside of structured exercise. For example if you go for a run or a workout, these additional calories burned are classed as ‘EAT’ (exercise activity thermogenesis) whereas all movement outside of exercise is NEAT. Getting out of bed, walking around the house, fidgeting, sitting and standing etc.

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Does Fasted Cardio Accelerate Fat Loss?

Does fasted cardio accelerate fat loss?

The main theory behind fasted cardio is if you train on an empty stomach when glycogen and insulin levels are lower you should be able to preferentially use stored fat for fuel.

This theory also has evidence to support it. Ingesting glucose during an aerobic workout has shown to decrease lipolysis (the breakdown of fatty acids). Fasted training has also shown to increase fatty acid oxidation versus fed cardio.

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How Portion Sizes Have Changed Over Time

How much have portion sizes increased?

Growing portion sizes are widely considered to be one of many factors contributing to rising obesity rates. As normal portion sizes increase it is common for people to gravitate towards eating more without even necessarily realizing it. 

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What Are the Most "Addictive" Foods?

What are the most “addictive” foods?

Commonly people describe sugar as ‘addictive’ (a controversial term in itself as it likens food to drugs) however less emphasis is placed on looking at other factors relating to food.

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