Frosted Blueberry Protein Poptart

Frosted Blueberry Protein Poptart



2 tbsp (18g )tapioca flour 

1/2 tbsp (4g) almond flour

1 tbsp (7g) Cake Pop PEScience Select Protein powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

2 tbsp (28g) plain greek yogurt


1/4 cup (25g) blueberries

1/2 tsp maple syrup


1 tsp leftover berry juice

1/2 tbsp (10g) plain greek yogurt

1/2 tbsp (3g) Vanilla PEScience Select Protein powder


1. Preheat over to 350 degrees F.

2. Place blueberries in a small bowl with the maple syrup and a little bit of water. Microwave for 20 seconds, then mash up blueberries in the bowl with a fork. Set aside.

3. Mix together dry ingredients for the dough.

4. Stir in greek yogurt. Use your hands to roll rough into a ball, scraping up extra bits of flour as you go. If needed, add just a touch more greek yogurt.

5. Spray parchment paper with nonstick cooking spray and place ball of dough in middle. Spray dough with non stick spray.

6. Cover dough with cling wrap or more parchment paper and roll into a rectangle about 4 inches by 4-5 inches.

7. Drain blueberries from filling, but save the juices. Spoon the blueberries over one half of the dough, then carefully fold the dough in half to cover the blueberries. Use a fork to pinch the sides together.

8. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Then let cool for a few minutes.

9. Take remaining berry juice and add protein powder and greek yogurt. Spoon frosting over pastry and eat!

Nutrition Facts:

154 Calories | 2.1 F | 20.1 C | 11.8 P

Recipe by: @scriptsandspoons