Optimal-GI Stack

Optimal-GI Stack

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The Optimal-GI Stack combined our two GI-focused products: Symbiont-GI and Regulate-GI. Symbiont-GI is a combination of gastric aids, digestive enzymes, and probiotics, together designed to support your entire gastrointestinal system from stomach to colon. Regulate-GI focuses on bowel regularity, supporting mostly the colon, helping users achieve optimal regularity. Save when you stack!



Take 3 Symbiont-GI daily to get a full spectrum of digestive enzymes, a shelf-stable researched probiotic, and multiple digestive aids.

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Take Regulate-GI daily to balance your fiber intake and improve your bowel regularity. Start with just a few capsules per day, and slowly increase until you find your optimal regularity.

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