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KK FIT Stack

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The KKFIT stack is the go to favorite by @kk_fit_ Kathryn and Kendra. It features Prolific Pre-Workout, High Volume Caffeine-Free Pre-Workout, and TruCreatine+. TruCreatine is taken daily, while 1 scoop if both High Volume and Prolific are taken prior to training. Kat & Ken know to Select the Best. Ships free in the USA!

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Prolific Pre-Workout

High Volume Caffeine-Free Pre-Workout

TruCreatine+ Powder


The go-to stack for Kathryn and Kendra | @kk_fit_

The Stack


10-30 minutes before training, take 1 scoop of Prolific to ignite the energy and focus you need to power through your workout.

High Volume

Along with your Prolific, take 1 scoop of High Volume to take your pump and performance to the highest level. Prepare to feel the pump!

High Volume

Take 1 scoop of creatine every day, even if you aren't training on that day. On training days, you can mix your TruCreatine with your Prolific/High Volume if you wish.



Love! I've been using this stack for a few months now. I love the Prolific because it doesn't make me itchy. The High Volume makes sure I have a pump and the TruCreatine has always been a staple.

Michaela, USA.

In the zone!!! Greats taste! I can’t wait to try other flavors. This stack helped me stay focused during my workouts for the past weeks now. No jitters, just a great pump. I would highly recommend these products.

Derek, USA.