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Stim-Free Lean Stack

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The stim-free leaning stack combines our two most popular caffeine-free leaning agents: Lipovate and Forskolin-95+. These two products work in different ways, allowing them to be combined with no overlap. Lipovate focuses on glucose support, while forskolin utilizes a more unique angle called cAMP activation. The best stim-free fat burner stack you will find!
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  • Lipovate
  • Forskolin-95+
  • Take 1 Lipovate with your 3 biggest meals. Take 1 Forskolin with meal 1 and 3

Lipovate brings stimulant-free leaning support through thermogenesis and glucose support.

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Forskolin is used in leaning diets to help support lean body mass, and is completely stimulant free, making it a perfect compliment to Lipovate.

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