Nutrition is a science

With science at our foundation, we stand apart from an industry focused on copying the nearest competitor.
Est. 2010
The Origin

PEScience was founded over 10 years ago by athletes that wanted better supplements – those based on trusted science that solved problems athletes faced when managing intense training regiments.

This passion drives who we are today. We don’t settle for copycat products. We create products based on sound science using high quality ingredients that we source ourselves, and we are obsessive about our flavors and textures.

We have gone from a passion-project 10 years ago to a multi-channel brand today because our customers appreciate how our products help them achieve their goals. We are grateful for the trust you place in us every day when you buy our products.

Quality Control

Quality control is more than a buzz-phrase. It's a day-in and day-out commitment.

At PEScience, quality always comes first and is part of our science-based foundation. The industry contains numerous companies who scream top quality, but only few practice what they preach.

The common approach to quality control for industry brands is to rely on their contract manufacturers, the companies who are actually producing their products. Brands think as long as they are told their manufacturer is following proper quality regulations, all is good! However, that's just not how the regulations work. Brands themselves must be responsible for their own quality control and what ends up in the bottle with their name on it, but so few take this expensive and strenuous step.

Having proper quality control systems in place requires experienced staff, yearly audits, and serious investments into microbiological and analytical testing.

When brands pop up in the industry, there is no "how to" manual for any of this, so it is oftentimes ignored, and all the money that should be spent on quality control systems goes straight into marketing campaigns.

Trust must be earned.

You may see companies advertising that their products are produced in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. Great! But how do you really know?

It is important to think about the company as a whole, and what they stand for, what their mission is, and how long they've been at it. Experience is vital in these important quality processes.

As a recent example, in early 2020 a major industry manufacturer producing over 800 brands was shut down for repeated quality control violations. The scariest part? This manufacturer had an active cGMP certificate.

Had any of these 800+ brands had a real quality control program in place, they would have realized on day 1 that the manufacturer was non-compliant.

A peek into our process.

All of the facilities in which PEScience products are manufactured are audited by our selected professional or third party firm, and then qualified further before we discuss production. Below are just a handful of important steps that are taken in our quality program:

✓ Staff are formally trained on proper GMP procedures

✓ Manufacturers are audited and qualified

✓ Products are made in a true GMP facility in which we have approved

✓ Products stored in, packed in, and distributed from a GMP facility

✓ Raw material suppliers are enrolled in a vendor qualification program to ensure consistent quality

✓ Raw materials undergo testing for pesticides, microbials, identity, purity/assay, and heavy metals before going into the product

✓ Finished products are re-tested for microbials, heavy metals, identity, purity/assay, and label claims

✓ Flavored products are carefully flavored and tested by our panel of diverse individuals to make the most universally approved flavors

Against The Grain

By following the best and newest research over the years, many of our products were described as going against the grain of the industry. We aren't going to lie, that's exactly what we wanted to hear. It would take a book to describe every scenario, but just a few you might recognize:

Remember when every fitness magazine told you to drink 100% whey protein after your workout? We saw the studies coming out showing the superior results of a whey+casein blend, and created Select Protein in 2013.

We found new research on BCAA supplementation, showing the importance of having sufficient EAA levels for the BCAAs to be effective. We created Amino IV in 2012, combining BCAAs with EAAs. This amazing idea finally became the industry standard in 2019.

Every Bottle Matters
Beyond the bottle

What may seem simple on the surface is a complex operation behind the scenes. We care about every single bottle we ship, and stay committed to our unique approach in formulation and quality control.

If you want to trust what goes into every bottle, you've come to the right place.

In fact, you can even look up the test results for every active batch of Select Protein on our MySelect™ page. Type in your lot number, and see the results!