New Release: like nothing you've tried before.
Protein you will crave.
Powerful energy & focus, without the itch & tingle.
Pumps like you've never experienced. Caffeine free. Itch & tingle free.

For over 10 years we have kept science at our foundation. Whether its through nutritional research, product formulation, or developing superior flavor and texture, we stay on the forefront and set the new standard.

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Beyond the bottle.
Through science, we've become the standard in formulation and flavor. Learn what goes into our unique process.
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Cooking with Select

Select Protein isn't just an amazing protein shake. Its unique formula and unparalleled taste also make it the best protein for baking.

Image of blueberry muffins
Protein Blueberry Muffins

Delicious high-protein muffin recipe you'll crave every morning.

Imge of iced cookies
Cake Batter Sandwich Protein Cookies

Get your sweet-tooth fix with this creative recipe!

Image of Protein Pancakes
3 Ingredient Protein Pancakes

It doesn't get much easier than this. Just 3 ingredients, and packed with protein.

Knowledge is power.

By keeping up with our educational blogs, you can quickly become smarter than 99% of the "experts" at your gym.

Image of High Volume and Prolific
Difference Between Prolific & High Volume

A quick read about the difference between our two pre-workout products, Prolific and High Volume, when to use each, and even how to use both!

Image of an athlete itching their arm
Pre-Workouts & Itchy Tingly Skin

Learn why some pre-workouts cause your skin to get tingly or itch, and the myths that have been told about this feeling.

Image of a bottle of TruCreatine+
Creatine 101: Facts & Fiction Explained

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about creatine. We spell out the facts of this important ingredient.