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Summer Shred Stack

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Supplement Facts

SHIFT + Norcodrene

How To Stack

The summer shred stack can be used two different ways depending on when you do or do not want caffeine intake. Norcodrene contains caffeine, whereas SHIFT does not. You can combine your Norcodrene with High Volume if you want to consume caffeine prior to a workout.

For those wanting caffeine in the beginning of the day only:

Norcodrene: Take 1-2 capsules in the morning. If possible take without food

SHIFT: Take 1 capsule in the morning with Norcodrene. Take another 1 capsule in the afternoon with or without food.

For those wanting caffeine throughout the entire day:

Norcodrene: Take 1-2 capsules in the morning. If possible take without food. In the afternoon (at least 6 hours after your first serving), take 1 more capsule of Norcodrene with or without food.

SHIFT: Take 1 capsule in the morning with Norcodrene. Take another 1 capsule in the afternoon with or without food.

Why Stack?

Stacking is not necessary, and both SHIFT and Norcodrene can be used effectively on their own. Stacking gives users the best of both products. We purposely formulated Norcodrene and SHIFT to not have overlapping ingredients, thus making them easy to stack if desired.

One of the main components of SHIFT is forskolin, a very heavily researched ingredient. Research has shown that combining forskolin with ingredients like caffeine can increase its effectiveness. Since Norcodrene contains caffeine, the stack makes sense. Also by stacking you may be able to get by with only taking 1 SHIFT per day versus 2.

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San Jose, California

Packs a Punch

Good product, however I felt that it was a little too strong to take on an empty stomach. For reference, I'm 4'10 and 125 pounds. However, once taken with food it did help suppress my appetite throughout the day!

Serena J.
United States


Really helped me with my post baby cut. No crazy jitters.

A PEScience Customer
Linnaea F.
United States

Great stack!

Affordable stack (that actually works) compared to other supplement companies I’ve tried. As someone who has to usually eat a LOT and is highly active this stack comes in handy and has helped to suppress my appetite. It’s worked well enough its noticeable if I don’t take any part of the stack. I recommend for anybody who has hit a plateau in their health journey. I use this stack combined with a good diet and a caloric deficit, my normal week of lifting & martial arts & other exercise. I’m feeling leaner and seeing results with all that. This has helped me get off my plateau and has me close to my cutting stage again.

Christian P.
United States

Highly recommend

Never had any weight loss supplements so I had no comparison. However, I did see a difference after taking this product!

Mike W.
United States

Great products

I have been taking this stack as well as other PES products and have notice a big difference in my appetite and having more energy

Laura S.
United States

No hunger

Taking 2 , 1 of each, in the morning and waiting 30 minutes to eat helps me curved my hunger. I spend the rest of the day without any cravings. It holds my appetite until dinner time.

Laura S. verified customer review of Summer Shred Stack

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