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Versalyte Electrolytes

Versalyte Electrolytes

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Whether you are wanting intra-training hydration or just looking for a tasty way to hydrate better throughout the day, Versalyte comes in clutch. Rather than making an electrolyte powder that is 90% overpriced table salt like most products out there, we focused on the important electrolytes for muscle function, contraction, and hydration. Additionally, we include a full serving of tart cherry juice powder for its powerful antioxidant potential and benefits on muscle function.

  • Gluten Free
  • Third-Party Tested
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  • Hydration

    We all know hydration is key. Sometimes drinking enough water in the day is tough. We make it easier by giving two refreshing & tasty electrolyte flavors to add to your water. More water = more hydration. More electrolytes = better hydration.

  • Muscle-Focused

    Most electrolyte powders are largely flavored table salt. Just look at the sodium content on them! Versalyte is focused on more expensive electrolytes, like magnesium and calcium, which are crucial for muscle function and contraction. Versalyte is the muscle-focused electrolyte.

  • Sugar Free

    Unlike sports drinks, Versalyte is sugar free. Unless you are performing very intense physical or endurance training (1+ hours), sugar is not necessary for rehydrating and replenishing.

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Supplement Facts

Quality & Purity Testing

All of our raw materials are tested for purity prior to being used in our manufacturing. After manufacturing is complete, another round third-party testing occurs on the finished product before it is released for sale.

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Technical Product Writeup

Versalyte: The Better Hydration Solution

Staying hydrated is crucial for athletes and regular gym-goers, yet it's often overlooked, quietly leading to diminished performance.

While drinking water and eating water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables help maintain fluid levels, intense exercise demands more — the replacement of fluids and replenishment of electrolytes.

Understanding this need, PEScience created Versalyte, an advanced electrolyte formula packed with key recovery ingredients to boost hydration and sustain peak performance.

Dive into the benefits of Versalyte and see how each serving supports optimal hydration and recovery to keep you at your best.

A Closer Look at the Ingredients

Each serving of Versalyte delivers generous doses of key electrolytes in highly bioavailable forms and ingredients to promote recovery.


Electrolytes are cations and anions necessary for skeletal muscle contractions, nerve function, hydration, and regulating pH levels. The major cations include sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Versalyte provides each in a highly bioavailable form to ensure fast and efficient absorption. Using the chelated forms of these electrolytes — meaning they have been chemically bonded to an organic molecule — also prevents gastrointestinal side effects like diarrhea, bloating, and stomach discomfort commonly caused by inferior forms.

Versalyte also provides phosphorus from calcium and magnesium glycerophosphate. Phosphorus acts as an electrolyte in the body when it combines with oxygen to form phosphate. It also contributes to energy metabolism and the normal function of cell membranes.

Electrolytes are lost through waste elimination (urine and feces) but their loss is accelerated during intense exercise through sweat and breath evaporation.

The loss of electrolytes and body water is known to have a detrimental effect on performance, including when it comes to resistance training, with research showing increasing declines in training volume in even moderately dehydrated people (1).

Other research has shown increases in circulating concentrations of stress hormones (cortisol and norepinephrine), an attenuated testosterone response, and altered carbohydrate and lipid metabolism before and after resistance training in mildly dehydrated people. Over time, these changes could have significant negative implications for building muscle and strength (2).

Tart Cherry Extract and Taurine

In addition to providing key electrolytes, Versalyte provides tart cherry extract and taurine.

Tart cherry extract is rich in numerous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory polyphenol compounds. These compounds have been shown to lessen muscle pain, accelerate strength recovery, and decrease markers of oxidative stress and inflammation (3).

To this point, a review of 14 clinical trials demonstrated that tart cherry supplementation effectively reduced muscle soreness, enhanced muscular strength recovery, and attenuated increases in the inflammatory markers C-reactive protein and interleukin 6. The same review also demonstrated improvements in certain performance parameters like jump height, sprint time, and muscular power (4).

Versalyte also provides an effective dose of taurine, an amino acid with antioxidant activity required for proper muscle functioning and cell membrane health.

Two reviews, each analyzing 10 trials, demonstrated improvements in various exercise tests where taurine supplementation was shown to significantly increase time to exhaustion and power output and decrease muscle fatigue (5,6).

Owing to its importance for muscle health, declines in blood taurine levels are linked with declines in muscle strength (7).

Increasing research also suggests that taurine enhances the body's ability to regulate its core temperature during exercise in the heat to maintain or improve performance (8, 9).

Who Can Benefit from Versalyte?

Versalyte is the perfect solution for anyone who understands the importance of maintaining good hydration, especially around training to prevent declines in performance.

Dehydration occurs when you lose more water than you take in, resulting in a loss of total body water. Anyone can experience dehydration, but active individuals are at an increased risk due to water and electrolyte loss through sweat.

Training in a dehydrated or hypohydrated state is more common than most believe, especially for those who train in the morning.

Dehydration symptoms aren't always obvious but can include increased thirst, dry skin or lips, headaches, and muscle cramps. In more severe instances, dehydration can cause an increased breathing rate and a decrease in body temperature.

Ensuring adequate hydration requires drinking enough fluids but also balancing electrolytes, including magnesium and calcium, which is where Versalyte offers support by increasing hydration speed and efficacy (10).

While fast-digesting carbs like glucose can enhance hydration, sugar isn't needed unless you're training intensely for long periods. This is why Versalyte is sugar-free.

Versalyte comes in a convenient single-serving packet making it easy to add water while on the go or at the gym. It's recommended to mix with 10 to 20 ounces of water.

The Bottom Line

Hydration and electrolyte balance are commonly under-looked but can significantly impair performance when improperly maintained, leading to decreased performance and alterations in metabolism and hormonal responses to exercise.

Versalyte provides the key electrolytes so you can ensure optimal hydration and electrolyte balance. It also provides tart cherry juice extract and taurine to speed up muscle recovery while offering exercise performance benefits.


Gavin Van De Walle, MS, RD

Gavin Van De Walle holds a master’s degree in human nutrition and exercise physiology. He is also a registered dietitian. Gavin has a bias for the truth and aims to provide the public with the information they need to make educated and informed health decisions. His work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Healthline, Livestrong, the American Botanical Council, Underwriter Laboratories, Verywell Health, and many more.