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Essentials Stack 60-Days

Essentials Stack 60-Days

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The Essentials Stack features a 2 month supply of 2 popular daily staples, TruMutli and Omega-3+. Both of these products are used on a daily basis, and are formulated and designed with a scientific foundation. Omega-3+ is highly concentrated in DHA and EPA, while TruMulti has everything you need in terms of vitamins and minerals, with nothing that you don't. Save $10 with this stack!

  • Gluten Free
  • Third-Party Tested
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  • EPA & DHA

    Our Omega-3+ packs 440mg of EPA and 240mg DHA in 2 small softgels. Each softgel is ~50% smaller than your standard fish oil, yet boasts 2x as much EPA and DHA. Each botle contains a 60-day supply.

  • Vitamins

    TruMulti delivers the 100% Daily Value for Vitamin A, E, & all B vitamins. With our focus on active individuals we bring 125% Daily Value for Vitamin D, and 280% for Vitamin C. An exciting addition many may not know about, we also have 100% Daily Value of MenaQ7® Vitamin K2, a vitamin often left out of multivitamins due to high cost.

  • Minerals

    Mineral health is especially important in hard working athletes. We go above and beyond, using chelated minerals on those that struggle with absorption, and using Chromax® chromium for daily blood sugar support. Our mens formula excludes iron, which does not need to be supplemented in healthy men, while the women's formula includes iron.

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Quality & Purity Testing

All of our raw materials are tested for purity prior to being used in our manufacturing. After manufacturing is complete, another round third-party testing occurs on the finished product before it is released for sale.

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