PRE + CRE Stack

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The PRE + CRE stack is a top selling stack for a reason. It features Prolific Pre-Workout, High Volume Caffeine-Free Pre-Workout, and TruCreatine+. TruCreatine is taken daily to maximize muscle and strength gains. High Volume is a caffeine-free pump powerhouse and can be used on days you have already had your caffeine, are hitting the cardio real hard, or are working out close to bed. Prolific is packed with caffeine, cognitive aids, and performance ingredients for a full-spectrum workout experience. Want a hit of energy with an insane pump? Try 1 scoop of each. Save $10 with this stack.

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Prolific Pre-Workout

High Volume Caffeine-Free Pre-Workout

TruCreatine+ Powder


The go-to stack for Kathryn and Kendra | @kk_fit_

The Stack


10-30 minutes before training, take 1 scoop of Prolific to ignite the energy and focus you need to power through your workout.

High Volume

Along with your Prolific, take 1 scoop of High Volume to take your pump and performance to the highest level. Prepare to feel the pump!

High Volume

Take 1 scoop of creatine every day, even if you aren't training on that day. On training days, you can mix your TruCreatine with your Prolific/High Volume if you wish.



Love! I've been using this stack for a few months now. I love the Prolific because it doesn't make me itchy. The High Volume makes sure I have a pump and the TruCreatine has always been a staple.

Michaela, USA.

In the zone!!! Greats taste! I can’t wait to try other flavors. This stack helped me stay focused during my workouts for the past weeks now. No jitters, just a great pump. I would highly recommend these products.

Derek, USA.