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TruMulti Men's
TruMulti Men's
TruMulti Men's
TruMulti Men's

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Jeff Nippard's Go-To Training Stack

Everything You Need

Jeff has curated this stack as the perfect foundation of supplements. It provides your daily vitamins and minerals via TruMulti, his go-to Select Protein, and a choice between his two favorite pre-workouts, High Volume (stimulant free) and Prolific (stimulant-based).

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Justin B.
United States

Good products

Good value and good product

Benjamin C.
United States


Great essentials stack. Everything else is extra. Start here and if you have the money and knowledge add in more.

Brett Heckman

High quality, High price

You pay for what you get with this product. I ordered the High Volume with this stack. I think it is sad they say "36 loaded scoops" but the serving size is two scoops. I do get a decent pump with just one scoop, however. The taste of the protein is amazing and the multi-vitamin is supreme! I recommend this stack and following Jeff Nippard on Youtube, his videos are very educational and will help guide you to your goals!

Brett H.
United States

High quality, High price

Quality of the product is high and undoubtedly is the best tasting protein and pump products I have had (having been using these products for five years I have tried many products). It is disheartening that the High Volume bottle states "36 loaded scoops" but the serving size is two scoops, meaning you only get 18 total servings. The reason I will most likely stay with this company, however, is their customer service. My protein was damaged and within an hour of emailing PEScience they responded and had another tub shipped out to me. If you don't follow Jeff on Youtube, you need to!

Kevin .

Clean and safe

Ever had supplements and wondered there is some change in your body . Good or bad ? Of all the times I felt bad , this was the only time I felt good . Because the proportion of vitamins and minerals, protein does feel appropriate for a body's balance and not like other which give u insane pumps, with side effects . Seems clean and safe . Loving this stuff

Joseph B.
United States

Pretty worth it

So the protein I got was vanilla, and is pretty good, great flavor, and I have been using it for bout 3 weeks now and have been putting on some nice gains. The prolific pre workout I have been taking 1 scoop before workout and I really don’t feel any pump or energy from it. That’s why 4 stars Pretty worth it overall. Great flavor does not taste bad very easy to get down. Smoothies with the protein are literally the best.

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