Jeff Nippard's Training Stack (M) Stack PEScience

Jeff Nippard's Training Stack (M)

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Jeff Nippard's personal recommended stack includes Select Protein, TruMulti, and your pre-workout of choice between High Volume and Prolific. Jeff's stack focuses on the daily use of Select Protein and TruMulti, with either High Volume or Prolific on workout days. High Volume for the caffeine-free users, Prolific for those looking for the jolt of energy.

Jeff Nippard's Signature Stack

Essentials for the dedicated bodybuilder

Stack Includes

Select Protein

Choose your favorite flavor of Select Protein.

Select Protein

Choose between stimulant-based Prolific, or stimulant-free High Volume.


Get your daily vitamins, minerals, and cortisol support with TruMulti.